Principal’s Message


Welcome to EtonHouse Pre-School Jakarta

Children are born with an innate desire to explore, form hypotheses, experiment, observe, and develop conclusions. Research and data prove that children’s learning through their senses has a strong connection to thinking and understanding in discovery.

At  EtonHouse Pre-school Jakarta, we encourage this innate desire of young children to think creatively, to investigate and learn by being fully engaged in the process. Our teachers are therefore not mere transmitters of knowledge but act as facilitators, guides and mentors of the children’s learning process and walk beside them in their learning – not ‘telling children’ what and how to think, but supporting children to be independent thinkers and innovators.

The EtonHouse Pre-School implements an Inquire-Think-Learn Curriculum Framework  that fosters a spirit of inquiry, nurtures critical thinking skills, encourages strong communication skills and develops resilience in problem-solving. Therefore our children do not just work with academic content (numbers, reading and writing). We  support them with the holistic development of the learner; that is their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative and language development.   We believe that our approach could support the children meet the new expectations of the 21st  century.

The learning environment in EtonHouse Pre-School is intentionally designed to support children’s growth in all aspects of development. We have a variety of areas supporting a wide range of experiences, encouraging children to be inquisitive learners . All areas in our school are inviting, stimulating, spacious, comfortable, and safe.

Parents & families are valued as our partner in supporting the childrens’ learning journeys as research repeatedly shows that family involvement is critical to a child’s success in school.  Supportive relationships between school and families benefit children, parents, staff, and the whole program. Our school has varied successful strategies to build the bridges between home and school.

I very much look forward to welcoming you into our school and giving you the opportunity to experience the happiness, warmth, and seeing the learning process for yourself.


Yours truly,

Rahmawati Nur Fitria

Pre-School Director

This page was last edited on July 21, 2017