Parent Testimonials


Finding EtonHouse is the best thing we have done so far for both our children. Our eldest son has been going to EtonHouse since the school just opened, when he was one and a half years old. He will be graduating from kindergarten soon. Five years in EtonHouse, we cannot be happier. Our daughter also joined EtonHouse when she was just 18 months old. The teachers are all very nice and care about the children there. They tend to different needs for each kid. It is a good feeling knowing all our kids are spending their day making so much progress in their life. The family-like environment is so welcoming and comforting and our children are feeling at home there. We highly recommend this school to any parents who care about their children’s development.

Thank you so much for everything EtonHouse.

Mrs.Jenny Ong

Mrs. Jenny Ong, mother of Jaythan and Jadrianna Sutrisno

Locating a nurturing, caring and well rounded education for our sons was our only goal when we found EtonHouse International Pre-School. Our firstborn Emir Mirza was one of the pioneer students at the school when it first started and currently two of his younger siblings, Emir Mateen and Emir Muadz are also students of the school. Leaps and bounds of behavioral, self assured and responsible changes have been a direct result of the partnership between parents and staff at EHIP. They learn to be more secure and confident children, working independently in class with loving teachers and amazing group of educators. I would highly recommend this school for anyone wanting to experience the gift of education in the best possible setting. Ms Vera, the pre-school director of EHIP truly cares about each individual child, as well as their parent involvement. It’s a partnership that you will not regret. If you want to see your child soar, consider an education with EHIP.

Mrs. Elona Halim

Mrs. Elona Halim, mother to Emir, Mateen, and Muadz

Dear teachers at EtonHouse,

Thank you for making my three sons comfortable and happy to go to school here. Everyday, they look forward to meeting their teachers and friends. As parents we could not ask for more. We see our children develop into confident young men here.

They love sports, music, and arts. And at school they are given the opportunity to explore and cultivate their talents, which is what we really appreciate. The only complaint about EtonHouse is that it is only available through Ks!

Mrs. Audrey

Mrs. Audrey, mother of Preston, Kristopher, and Renzo Gondokusumo

I have two sons at EtonHouse. My oldest son is in Nursery 2 and the youngest one is in the Pre-Nursery. Since they’ve been going to EtonHouse, they’ve developed very good communication skill in English and Mandarin and they have become more independent. Their teachers have creative teaching methods and there is a good flow of communication between teachers and parents. Most importantly, all my children love going to school.

Mrs. Debie Yuliana, mother of Nathan and Davin

EtonHouse is a place for children who for the first time attend a playgroup or a class where they can learn while playing how to be independent, confident about themselves, and have environment awareness which was being taught early to help our children to understand the concept of being green and being environment conscious like interacting with the nature, concept of recycling, saving precious water, forest, etc.

Soetjidto Wangsawidjaja and Tinny, parents of Jordan 

It was an easy decision to pick EtonHouse for Yi Chen’s first school. We fell in love with the school’s warmth almost right away. Most importantly, we immediately saw how positively our son reacts to the school. We were right. EtonHouse is the correct environment for him to grow up. Yi Chen loves coming to school. One day after school, he said “Bye bye school. I woof you. See you.” (read: “Bye bye school. I love you. See you.”) At that moment, we knew we made the right decision 😊

Mrs. Lisa Choo, mother of Choo Yi Chen 

Our daughter attends EtonHouse 3 times a week and she always look forward to seeing her teachers and friends there. We feel that the teachers are equally attentive and dedicated towards every child who attends EtonHouse. It was very easy for my daughter to build a relationship of trust with her teachers. We are very satisfied with EtonHouse learning environment. They have sufficient amount of learning equipments. Teachers are very creative with playing tools; it’s not just crayons and water colours. Children sometimes play with shaving cream, coconut flakes, leaves, etc. We are confident that EtonHouse is contributing significantly to our daughter’s mental, physical, and verbal growth.

Mrs. Yukiko Matsumoto, mother of Rina

We are very happy to have EtonHouse as our partner in raising our daughter. Olivia has grown into a confident, independent and creative 4 years old. EtonHouse’s inquiry based education system supported by excellent students per teacher ratio, native English and Mandarin teachers and clean and safe school environment have allowed her to progress at her own pace in this dynamic and multicultural society. And the school has been very responsive to the inputs from the parents that create an optimum study environment as the result of the synergy from both side’s parents and the school.

Yulee Lusiana and Nestor Gomez, happy parents of Olivia

Everyday the teachers at EtonHouse welcome Misato with big smile. She is very happy to be there. There are many activities in the class. She really enjoys learning new things and playing with her classmates. Through the communication book I can understand what kind of activities were done. I can communicate better with her about her day at school. She is only two years old, but I’m not worried to leave her at the school because there are enough good qualified teachers.

Mrs. Michiyo Abe, mother of Misato 

Dear teachers.

My husband & I are very happy to see Judah is enjoying his PN & Nursery years. Seeing his excitement each morning to go to class makes the hard task of sending our first child away to school a lot easier.

Thank you for your patience, enthusiasm, care & kindness. You all make school a fun & friendly place to learn, and learning an enjoyable process to look forward to every day. We really appreciate the hard work you put to educate & empower our children with knowledge.~

Best regards,

Yanuar & Yosan Samron, parents of Judah

Mia has been attending the EtonHouse for three terms in the K1 Sunshine class. We are extremely pleased with the school. In only a few months, Mia went from identifying most letters in the alphabet to reading simple stories to us. Also, Mia studies Mandarin and loves singing the Mandarin songs she has learned in school. I believe EtonHouse’s inquiry based style of learning not only teaches the students, but builds their confidence by making them such an integral part of the learning process. Furthermore, the staff / parent lines of communication are always open. The teachers and aids complete the communication book documenting each day and are always available after class to talk. My only complaint about EtonHouse is that it is only available through K2!

Mrs. Heather Fairchild, mother of Mia

Hi Ms Nata, Ms Dias, Ms Wulan, Wei Wei Laoshi, Yan Mei Laoshi,

Thank you for all that you have done for Kai! We really appreciate it. He enjoys school tremendously. You have taught him so much! From buttoning his own clothes, to starting to read and write to learning more about the world he lives in.

Attached are some photos that Kai took with you. Also, a collage of his efforts in preparing the thank you snacks and card.

Have a good holiday break!

See you next Term!

parent Testiminal

Jane, Joshua, Kai and Baby Kang.

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