Open House at EtonHouse Preschool Jakarta, 26th February 2022

26 Feb 2022



Experience hands-on, homey learning environment

EtonHouse PreSchool Jakarta offers a homey learning environment for the children. Our environment is intentionally designed to support the children’s growth in all aspects of development. We have various of areas supporting a wide range of experiences, which encourage children to be inquisitive learners. All areas in our school are inviting, stimulating, spacious, comfortable, and safe.

Find out more about our inquiry-based curriculum

EtonHouse Pre-School implements an Inquire-Think-Learn Curriculum framework that fosters a spirit of inquiry, nurtures critical thinking skills, encourages strong communication skills and develops resilience in problem-solving. Therefore, our children do not just work with academic content (numbers, reading, and writing). We support them with the holistic development of the learner; that is their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative and language development. We believe that our approach will support the children to meet the new expectations of the 21st century.


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